Welcome to Antiparos View villas

An ideal place for relaxing family holiday in Antiparos

Traditional villas with panoramic view of Paros and Antiparos island

Antiparos View Complex of Villas comprises of 4 houses built in the traditional Cycladic architecture style with much attention to details, providing all the modern amenities in a cozy atmosphere. Along with the warm hospitality of the owners, Antiparos View Complex is the ideal place for a family holiday you will never forget. Paros and Antiparos, the surrounding islands and the colourful sunrise

Our guests will be amazed at first by the breathtaking panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, the canal between.

Then the warm-hearted people of our beautiful small island, the traditional small white alleys, the taverns located right by the sea serving delicious local cuisine, the exciting night life, the bright colours of the flowers and most of all the clear waters of the Aegean Sea will be something to remember dearly for the rest of your life.