Antiparos island

A small traditional island. It is located southwest of Paros island, it is 35km2, and has 57km of beautiful coastline.
Antiparos is well known for the stalactite cave and the Archaeological site of Despotiko, the beaches, the sea caves, the folkore museum and the venetian castle - Kastro.
The traditional taverns offer fresh sea-food and ouzo, the bars offer drinks and entertainment.

The tourists enjoy Antiparos day and night.

The island is almost flat. The highest point with "Profitis Ilias" chapell is 301 m and the hill of the stalactite cave is 250 m. Numerous small islands - Saliagos, Diplo, Fira, Revmatonisi, Despotiko, Strogili - circle Antiparos.

Antiparos is accessible via Paros.

You can take a taxi or the bus every hour (the bus station is very close to Paros Port), the bus or the taxi will drive go to Pounta. There a ferry boat(10 min trip), will across you over to Antiparos port.
You can also take the direct boat from Paros port to Antiparos port.
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